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Waterblast cleaning at Glass Fibre Factory

 We have just completed a large  waterblast job at a glass fibre factory;

One of our 380 hp, 99lpm@20 kpsi water blast units powered a pipe cleaning water lancer unit for pipe internal cleaning while two of our 150 HP,  24 lpm@40 kpsi water blast units were used for hand operated jetting gun applications with rotating nozzles – to remove resin and glass fibre deposits from all internal and external surfaces.  During the waterjetting works, the steel structure of the glass fabrics machine have been coated with a surface-tolerant epoxy coating.

Sucction pipe BEFORE cleaning:

External cleaning with 2800 bar water pressure and rotating nozzle:


Sucction pipe AFTER cleaning:


When using waterblast cleaning equipment, the waterblast operator should be well experienced, in order to avoid damages to all those above mentioned equipment. A dump type waterjet gun  is our preferred tool, enabling us to precisely tune and adjust the water pressure at the jetting gun.